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Dead or Alive?

Posted on: April 18, 2010

Today I was chatting with my brother on the phone, he asked me if Norman Wisdom was still alive (among other things). This led on to us asking each other about more & more celebrities, until we realised that there are so many celebrities that we have no clue whether they are dead or alive!?

Some people may think this is rather a morbid subject to blog about, I do have what some would call a rather weird sense of humour (as does my brother obviously). We both realised that discussing which celebrities were expected to be dead, although we found we had never heard about them dying… was an untapped area that needed to be tapped :p

Apart from my mention of Norman Wisdom (at the start), we had talked about Jimmy Tarbuck, Max Bygraves &  Mike Yarwood… not hearing the news that any of them had died, but haven’t seen them on TV or even heard them being discussed. If any of you have heard any news of them or also have wondered about a celebrity or two, it would be lovely if you could let me know on here.

This could be a subject that could run & run.

Btw, this blog is not about respect for the discussed celebrities (dead or alive), but it is about having a light-hearted discussion 🙂


2 Responses to "Dead or Alive?"

Thought of another 2 – Roy Hudd and Ted Rogers (3-2-1)

I’d forgotten all about Ted Rogers (3-2-1), hehe!

Roy Hudd was fairly recently in Coronation Street, so I’m sure we would here if he died recently?!

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