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Posted on: May 11, 2010

I have to say that I’m enthralled with the present political outcome & not at all worried as the media seems to want everyone to be. My preference would’ve been for a Liberal Democrat lead parliament, but after that a hung parliament is not a bad outcome either 🙂

England isn’t falling apart, as the Tories (with their friends at Sky, Daily Fail (Mail), The Sun, Facebook & the rest of the Murdoch empire) would like us to think. Pushing for what would be a rushed outcome to the hung parliament, almost screaming for Nick Clegg & the Lib Dems to “make a decision”… is totally irresponsible whichever way I look at it!

From what I know from listening to Nick Clegg, Vince Cable & other Lib Dems, I feel positive that they are really passionate about Proportional Representation (PR) a much fairer voting system for all. I hope this is the beginning of the end of our old & very unfair style of voting; First Past The Post (FPTP), which is why it’s always Labour or Conservatives who always ‘win’. It’s understandable why so many Conservative & New Labour members don’t want PR as it’s swayed toward them, the two most wealthy political parties!

I’ve attended a couple of great ‘fair votes’ protests, the first on Saturday 8th May:

It was great to see other people so passionate about the reforming of our unfair voting system & especially to see/hear Nick Clegg respond to our “We want Nick” chants mixed along with “Fair Votes Now”. I wasn’t so happy to see some of those people shouting “Don’t do it Nick”, my answer is “Don’t do what?” I mean surely whatever Nick Clegg & the Liberal Party decide to do, it WILL be to implement the changes they want & not to follow along behind either the Tory or Labour party like puppy dogs! Those who I heard say “I won’t vote Lib Dem if they join with the Tories”, are fickle to say the least… it means they have no real faith in the Liberal Party that they’ll do the right thing!

The second ‘fair votes’ protest was yesterday evening (10/5):

It was good to see/hear the chief executive of the Lib Dems, backing our call for electoral reform… so far (as far as I’m concerned) all the Lib Dems I’m come across have been very approachable & extremely passionate about reforming our politics altogether 🙂

I am neither in favour or against a Lib-Con or Lib-Lab pact, what I AM in favour of is seeing a progressive parliamentary system altogether, not one that simply sticks to tradition for tradition’s sake!

Here is great article about PR:

And a poll about PR in The Telegraph:


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