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Intelligence? I think not!

Posted on: May 13, 2010

I must say, I’ve never seen so much childish & downright ridiculous behaviour from people I’d have thought were actually intelligent or at least bright, as I’ve seen since after the UK General Election & following Hung Parliament! Like for instance the copying of Lib Dem ministers old tweets & re-tweeting them & those who are gleeful in the knowledge of what they’re doing & spreading them even further!

As far as I’m concerned, getting the Hung Parliament result is the best we could’ve hoped for… that is after realising the Liberal Democrats had no chance of winning (in our FPTP form of voting). All those people (mainly New Labour supporters) who are spewing hatred at the now Liberal-Conservative coalition government, have they forgotten what we had before?! We barely had no civil liberties left, with Mark Thomas having to organise anti SOCPA protests & groups such as NO2ID had to be set up, etc. Now the many of the very same people are doing whatever they can to damage this coalition govt before it’s even had a chance to really get started.

Whatever happens (and we should hold off until we actually know) we will always be able to find things we dislike or even hate about certain governments.  We at least will now be allowed to legally (peacefully) protest anything we dislike, which was becoming more & more impossible under the previous New Labour government. Surely we should all concentrate more on things we like, things we have in common with others… “Give respect to get respect” is a phrase I live by, just wish others would do the same!


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