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Posted on: October 9, 2011

I’ve been seriously protesting for around 12 years so far and I’ve seen and experienced no end of police repression, harassment, thuggery, abuse, etc. I know that many others have encountered the same, and that doesn’t take into account  all the killings the police have gotten clean away with and much more!

I came to the conclusion many years ago that the police are not to be trusted at all. Every protest I attend now I leave with so much anger at the way we’re treated and controlled by the police. Today I came up with an idea and I hope it moves others to join (and help) me make it a reality…

Firstly we need to target the police in whatever way is decided the best, so we can show our complete anger at the police state we’re living in and what the police get away with continually. As we’re being told by police we must unmask (sometimes forcibly), I suggest we organise a massive anti police protest with every one of the attending protesters masked up – preferably with V masks, but use whatever you can get hold of, as it’s to show we should have the right to be anonymous if we wish it!!

If anyone has other ideas, would like to comment, show support, etc I’d be happy to hear them all 🙂


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