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Ukraine and The West

Posted on: April 21, 2014

Many people in the West (UK, US, etc) seem to be sucked in by their government and mainstream media, believing that Vladimir Putin must be a nasty boogie man. Luckily there are those of us who get a more balanced view of what’s going on in Ukraine, instead of listening to the warmongering UK Tory MP William Hague…

“In recent days Russia has deliberately pushed Ukraine to the brink, and created a still greater risk of violent confrontation.

“We call on Russia to stop these actions and to condemn the lawless acts in eastern Ukraine.

“Russia must choose whether it is open to diplomacy and de-escalation, and if it decides otherwise, we must be ready for a different state of relations with Russia in the next 10 years than in the last 20.

“Ukraine can be a bridge between East and West and be able to have good relations with Russia.

“But that does not entitle Russia to send in its armed groups, thinly disguised, to spearhead the occupation of buildings in multiple Ukrainian cities, to try permanently to destabilise the country and dictate the terms of its constitution.

“My message to Moscow is that if anyone thinks they can do these things without serious long-term consequences they are making a grave miscalculation.”

and also listening to the warmonger John Kerry…

“If Russia does not choose to de-escalate and work directly with the government of the Ukraine then our partners will have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate Russia politically, diplomatically and economically.”

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk (R), U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (C) and Ukraine's acting President Oleksander Turchinov join hands during their meeting in Kiev

Don’t people remember that the government who are now in power in Ukraine are there illegally?? I still have imprinted in my mind the neo-Nazi fascists who over threw the legal Ukrainian government headed by Viktor Yanukovich (completely supported by the West).

Each time I hear the US and UK governments rant about how “terrible” Putin and Russia are, and licked the arses of the West-sponsored Ukraine junta ‘government’, yet they expect us to listen to their warmongering propaganda even though they are TOTAL hypocrites… after all there’s the ILLEGAL Iraq war “Saddam has WMDs”, also Afghanistan, Libya, drones in the Yemen & Pakistan and probably elsewhere too, not forgetting Vietnam and Guantanamo Bay. Just look at the atrocities that Netanyahu’s government and other Israeli Zionists are perpetuating against the Palestinian people, with the blessing of the West too!

The UK have imprisoned Julian Assange (Wikileaks) in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy for almost 2 years so far and they make no moves to get Babar Ahmed  released back here from the dreadful Guantanamo Bay The US have imprisoned Chelsea Manning and they are also after Edward Snowden. Vladimir Putin is luckily providing Edward Snowden with protection there. I believe the West is jealous of Vladimir Putin, so they want to take him down a peg or two… well I wouldn’t hold my breath there!

Since when do our governments in the West listen to what the truth actually is, rather than the usual saber-rattling rubbish they continue with?!! *sigh*





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