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My angry complaint to Bexley Council

Posted on: June 11, 2014

I think my complaint explains exactly why I am so angry! 😡

“On the 17th May 2014 before I moved in I had ordered 3 plastic recycling boxes ref no: xxxxxxxx. I have phoned Bexley Recycling UMPTEEN times to find out WHEN I will actually get said containers, this last time I’m obviously fuming and to add insult to injury the woman (I won”t call her a ‘lady’!!) who answered my call (‘customer services’) was short with me to begin with! She continued to make excuses which of course angered me more, she then slammed the phone down on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt you will side with this horrible person who answered my call just now (1pm ish)?!! Yet I was led to believe that Bexley Council were the greenest Borough in London, surely that’s a JOKE??”


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Non-violent Pro-life Drug-free Abolitionist Vegan, who cares about the Earth & ALL who live here. All drugs should be legalised & be viewed for what they are... drugs, including alcohol, tobacco & pharmaceuticals. I'm also Atheist & will never accept organised religion.

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