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Was Crimea annexed??

Posted on: July 19, 2014

We’ve seen/heard (and still do) in all Western mainstream media (inc the bbc) that “Crimea was annexed by Russia”, the US and UK governments have been pushing this since Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to join Russia! The following blog comment did not only sum up the facts on Crimea, it’s also from a lawyer who has given permission for it to be spread, so I thank them 🙂


“I have one thing to add the argument that has been thrown around that Russia “annexed” Crimea. This argument has been used by German news which slowly sunk in with the German main audience. It is now accepted by them that Russia “annexed” Crimea.

This legal assumption is debatable or even incorrect.

Under international law you have different titles to acquire land. One is annexation. The other one is that another subject of international law joins in. The latter one is still (even after WW2) a recognized way to acquire land. So what happen in Crimea:

The people of Crimea held a referendum under the supervision of the Russian army (otherwise they wouldn’t be able to hold one) to create a new state.

Were they allowed to do so? Yes, they were. The right to self- determination of a people is on bed rock principle, another one is territorial integrity. Both principles contradict each other. Interestingly, none is superior to the other one. They are equal. So Crimea had the right to secede from Ukraine under international law to become a new state.

How is statehood acquired? A state contains three basic requirements: A people, a territory and a (loose) power that holds it together. If these are met, a new state is born. More interestingly is that this process does not require other states to recognize the new state. This recognition is de facto. The de jure requirement is only the will of the people to become independent.

What happens, if another state in the person of Russia is supervising this process? Will this make the whole process of undergoing the right to self-determination illegal? This is were the debate kicks in. I don’t think so and a German law professor from Hamburg Uni as well ( ). Then Crimea as a new legal entity could ask Russia to join the federation. This is perfectly in line with international law (if you follow my line of argument).

As a laywer you are used to news papers throwing it all together and mixing legal things up. But in this case, it is breath taking, since “annexation” is the forcible acquisition of a state’s territory by another state. The definition does not apply to the case at hand for one reason: Russia did not force Crimea to ask for its application to join the federation.

If you want, you can use this in debates with the uneducated masses throwing in legal terms they have no clue about.”


I would also like to add that when the US and UK govts & msm etc say that “Crimea was annexed by Russia” it’s yet another way to get the public onside with them so they also hate Russia – and of course East Ukraine too! *sigh* 😦


2 Responses to "Was Crimea annexed??"

but the referendum was fake. it was brought about so quickly after the occupation, organised in weeks, people were observed voting multiple times. it had unbelievably high turnouts and votes in favour and was supervised by the russians.
to compare, hitler did not annex austria in 1938, because the austrian people voted in favour of joining nazi germany. no! it was a clear annexation regardless of whether it was held up by a flimsy faux-referendum or not. it is the same with the crimea, our government invaded the ukraines territory and annexed it.

I’ve only seen Crimeans celebrate re-joining Russia, who are you to say they should NOT get their wish??

Crimeans Celebrate Landslide Vote to Join Russia:

Thousands of Crimeans celebrated on Sunday night the outcome of a referendum that confirmed overwhelming support for the southern Ukrainian region to join Russia. With 100 percent of the ballots counted, some 96.7 percent of voters or 1.2 million people in Crimea backed reunion with Russia after 60 years as part of Ukraine. People cheered the historic vote in the regional capital Simferopol waving Russian flags and singing Soviet-era songs. “We’re going home.”

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