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@PaulFlynnMP You asked Cameron this about Vladimir Putin….

Posted on: July 29, 2014

“Will the Prime Minister use the Newport NATO summit to galvanise the new-found unity of NATO states to act strongly against the belligerence of Putin?”

Are you for real? On what do you base your assumption or are you just following other warmongers like the US? Is Russia invading other countries killing tons of citizens with drones etc, have they got their own Guantanamo Bay or do they spy on their own citizens like the NSA & GCHQ?? OF COURSE NOT!! NATO needs to be disbanded now & Trident must be scrapped, but of course you want to blame Russia for everything to get the heat off you and the rest of you out of touch politicians, while you help push through MORE surveillance and cuts!!

Why no mention of the brutal killing of loads of East Ukrainian civilians by the Ukraine government junta?! They’ve admitted they want to stop Ukrainians speaking Russian, there already were most East Ukraine families of Russian and Ukraine mix, but they’re now being wiped out by this junta government. Yet you’re after Putin??

You’ll never come close to being as genuine as Sergei Lavrov, but you could learn a lot from him, but you’ll ignore this most probably and continue with your unfounded lies and propaganda about Russia and Putin, even though they’ve done nothing wrong, especially as compared to the US & UK! I’m ashamed to be British!!


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