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A very important message from Plamil re DEFRA “vegan” labelling

Posted on: May 5, 2015

A Message from Adrian Ling, MD of Plamil Foods Ltd.

We do not write to you very often but this is the last week you can express your view that you do not want to allow your vegan food to be contaminated.

The Government department DEFRA is currently considering changing the rules on labelling which could allow contamination of vegan foods that are currently labelled as ‘vegan’. This would be counter intuitive to vegans and allow for frequently high levels of contamination in vegan food.

Vegans should be treated like the rest of the population, expecting good manufacturing and supply practices with robust risk assessment to assess the labelling of their food.

There are a number of questions within the proposals. It is not clear how to submit your opinions if you do not want changes, but please send your views in the same manner to those with a vested interest in changing the rules and contaminating vegan food.

Defra has asked: Should foods carrying precautionary allergen statements be allowed to be presented as ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’ where the allergen is not considered to be suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets?

– Say NO to any changes in possible contamination

– Say YES to keeping the current 2006 Guidance on contamination

Write to

The deadline for submissions is Friday 8 May 2015.

You can be assured Plamil Foods will always manufacture to the highest vegan standards.

Many thanks for your help.

Adrian Ling
Managing Director, Plamil Foods


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