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My Boycotts

Posted on: May 19, 2015

Here’s some of the companies etc that I boycott, I’m vegan and drug-free, but this list gives just an example of the many reasons I boycott them & always will…

Gillette: Owned by P&G whom I also boycott

Next: Olympic sponsor Nike:

Pizza Hut:

Reebok: Ribena:

UKIP: Racist/bigoted
Wimpy: US company – animals used/abused to be products

World Wildlife Fund (WWF):


3 Responses to "My Boycotts"

That’s the same as mine almost. There’s a few I don’t know about that I never use/buy anyway but I have used Paypal for donations to small charities so will look that link up! P&G sold Pringles to Kettle Foods a while back who then sold them to Kelloggs so you can buy Pringles now.

Jo xx

Wow! Thanks Jo and not only for reading and commenting on my blog, but also for that interesting info! 🙂

I did a fair amount of research before posting this and all I saw was groups and individuals stating the Pringles was a P&G product, I’m going to checkout pringles packs the next time I shop (in a day or two). I suppose I’ve boycotted Pringles for so very long that I’ve got in that habit, they’re always the hardest for me to break! :p

Thanks again xxx

Obviously you’re a troll (your name gives it away!), if you had read my blog you would’ve seen I HAVE (always will) boycott McDonalds, now please GET A LIFE!!

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Non-violent Pro-life Drug-free Abolitionist Vegan, who cares about the Earth & ALL who live here. All drugs should be legalised & be viewed for what they are... drugs, including alcohol, tobacco & pharmaceuticals. I'm also Atheist & will never accept organised religion.

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