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The reason I hate letting agents

Posted on: January 16, 2016

This is typical of greedy letting agents, how are these charges anything like the actual cost of the “services”?!!

Application and referencing fees:

£150.00 per tenant

£100.00 per guarantor

£250.00 company application

Tenancy agreement, inventory & registering of deposit:

£90.00 per tenant

£30.00 per guarantor

£60.00 pets clause

£36.00 special conditions addendum

Tenancy renewals: £60.00 per property

Checkout fee: £75.00 per property (charged when vacating)


2 Responses to "The reason I hate letting agents"

I totally agree (you know who this is, right?).

They bear no relation to reality. They are arbitrary and unfair. They are particularly unfair to people with little money, i.e. a woman fleeing domestic violence or someone off the streets.

I would, grudgingly, accept, say, a £5 charge for a reference. The stamp/envelope will cost around £1.30 (or less). That’ll give them £3.30 profit on everyone. But hundreds of pounds to send an envelope off is, wrong.

One woman online was charged £210 to change the name on a tenancy when her boyfriend moved in with her. £210 for some GREEDY BASTARDS to update a computer record and send a letter out.

I loathe them, too. Parasites. Lifelong renters, like myself, are throwing money all the time for fees you mentioned. It’s pure profit. Sorry, not profit, but AVARICE. Making a profit is one thing, but GREED is not. The charges are disproportionate.

I saw an ad recently. “Only £100 for a reference!” Only? Piss-taking, greedy parasites. £100, a week’s wage to some (i.e. on low income contracts), is a disgrace so the parasites can post an envelope and stamp off. If it costs them £1 to do that, that’s £99 pure profit. Sorry, greed and avarice, I’ll get the terms right. It’s unfair and the day it all disappears – GOOD.

Yep I do (of course) know who you are 🙂 Thanks so much for your great comment and also for paying my blog a visit today, it means a lot to me :))

Everything you have said here I agree with (not a surprise!), it is pure greed and it angers me so much! 😡

Things certainly must change & I hope it happens SOON!

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