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We’ve seen/heard (and still do) in all Western mainstream media (inc the bbc) that “Crimea was annexed by Russia”, the US and UK governments have been pushing this since Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to join Russia! The following blog comment did not only sum up the facts on Crimea, it’s also from a lawyer who has given permission for it to be spread, so I thank them 🙂


“I have one thing to add the argument that has been thrown around that Russia “annexed” Crimea. This argument has been used by German news which slowly sunk in with the German main audience. It is now accepted by them that Russia “annexed” Crimea.

This legal assumption is debatable or even incorrect.

Under international law you have different titles to acquire land. One is annexation. The other one is that another subject of international law joins in. The latter one is still (even after WW2) a recognized way to acquire land. So what happen in Crimea:

The people of Crimea held a referendum under the supervision of the Russian army (otherwise they wouldn’t be able to hold one) to create a new state.

Were they allowed to do so? Yes, they were. The right to self- determination of a people is on bed rock principle, another one is territorial integrity. Both principles contradict each other. Interestingly, none is superior to the other one. They are equal. So Crimea had the right to secede from Ukraine under international law to become a new state.

How is statehood acquired? A state contains three basic requirements: A people, a territory and a (loose) power that holds it together. If these are met, a new state is born. More interestingly is that this process does not require other states to recognize the new state. This recognition is de facto. The de jure requirement is only the will of the people to become independent.

What happens, if another state in the person of Russia is supervising this process? Will this make the whole process of undergoing the right to self-determination illegal? This is were the debate kicks in. I don’t think so and a German law professor from Hamburg Uni as well ( ). Then Crimea as a new legal entity could ask Russia to join the federation. This is perfectly in line with international law (if you follow my line of argument).

As a laywer you are used to news papers throwing it all together and mixing legal things up. But in this case, it is breath taking, since “annexation” is the forcible acquisition of a state’s territory by another state. The definition does not apply to the case at hand for one reason: Russia did not force Crimea to ask for its application to join the federation.

If you want, you can use this in debates with the uneducated masses throwing in legal terms they have no clue about.”


I would also like to add that when the US and UK govts & msm etc say that “Crimea was annexed by Russia” it’s yet another way to get the public onside with them so they also hate Russia – and of course East Ukraine too! *sigh* 😩


This is one of the many reasons I boycotted the World Cup…

Watch video on Brazilian police violence:



July 13, 2014

The Brazilian Association of People’s Lawyers and the International Association of People’s Lawyers come hereby to repudiate the dispatch of 26 arrest warrants against activists, last July 12, in the eve of the final match of the FIFA World Cup. The activists were literally hunted by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro in several cities, including Porto Alegre and SĂŁo Paulo, held in their homes and taken to the Police City in Rio, which became a center of operations for political prisons. Materials used in protests, such as gas masks and flags, plus a revolver held by the father of one of the activists (minor), were used to charge the activists as “armed gang”, by the State repression organs and the press.

Among those arrested is Eloisa Samy, lawyer who acts in defense of persons persecuted for protesting – in clear violation of the exercise of the legal profession.

The decision of the judge of the 27th Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro, FĂĄbio Oliveira de Itabaiana Nicolau, founded the 5 days custody warrants in the crime of criminal association, referred to in art. 288 of the Penal Code, which refers to “associate themselves with three or more people, for the specific purpose of committing crimes.” The decision also refers to the protests scheduled to take place on the eve of the final of the FIFA World Cup, taking advantage of the visibility given by the coverage of the event, aiming to be “necessary police action to prevent the consummation of this objective and also to identify other members the association”. Statements by the head of the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, Fernando Veloso, in a press conference, made ​​it clear that the arrests were because the activists were mobilizing to protest during the FIFA mega event.

These latest arrests are a continuation of the pattern of violence and the State of Exception installed in Brazil including during the World Cup games. Decisions and arguments of the Judiciary and the Civil Police make clear that the Brazilian State acts as an armed branch of FIFA to ensure the profits of the entity and their sponsors. This approach is fully backed by the government of Dilma Rousseff and advisors, like Minister of Sport Aldo Rebelo.

Among the numerous illegalities of the case, the activist Elisa Quadros was arrested in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where her family lives, by a police officer from the state of Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, the fact that she was traveling to visit his family shows that there was no link with the protests.

At the Headquarters of the operation, the Police City in Rio de Janeiro, independent journalists were prevented from having access to the press conference, which was open only for those parts of the corporate press, as denounced by the Union of Journalists of the municipality.

Two weeks ago, in Sao Paulo, two lawyers were arrested for gathering in a downtown square discussing the defense of four activists arrested last June 26, which are arrested to date. In Rio de Janeiro, two other young people who participated in demonstrations are arrested since January this year. In GoiĂąnia, in May, three young students were taken out of their homes for allegedly participating in protests for public transportation.

Like this episode of political arrests in Rio, several other cities, such police operations, based on confidential investigations, have been practiced. They expose a state that strives to arrest and prosecute those who protest and fight for justice. As said the lawyer of the arrested activists in Rio de Janeiro, Marino d’Icarahy, these operations are performed by the political police, the one that receives orders directly from the domes of government.

“The method is always listening, breaking the pages, the breach of personal privacy, and I think that there is an unconstrained campaign to transform our politicized and militant youth who want to see a different country, in a gang of marginal and armed thugs, that’s what they want to transform our youth.”

Several organizations, such as Amnesty International, Global Justice and Human Rights Committee of the Bar Association of Brazil – Rio de Janeiro Section have condemned the arrests as an attempt to intimidate the protesters in the country.

Criminalization is such that it is absurd to arrest based in supposed future actions, labeling people who, at some point, simply exercised their free right to demonstrate.

It’s unacceptable to keep such decisions of nature absolutely political within a scenario that reveals a growing process of fascistization of the Brazilian State, that to restrain any act aimed at exposing their violations reacts with brutality and violence, trampling all rights and guarantees, which in theory should be safeguarded by such a state.

It is clear that this pattern of state violence will continue even after the end of the World Cup, while the protests are expected to increase. The ABRAPO and IAPL repudiate the arrests of activists and attacks on lawyers in the exercise of profession; demand the immediate release of political prisoners, the withdrawal of arrest warrants and the end of the persecution of struggling, and ask for the repudiation of Brazilian government and President Dilma Rousseff by international community, for systematic human rights violations.

Please send messages for the immediate release of political prisoners to:

PresidĂȘncia da RepĂșblica
Exma. Presidente Dilma Roussef
Contato: fale com a presidenta

Ministério da Justiça
Exmo. Ministro Dr. José Eduardo Cardozo
Fax: (61) 2025.9556

Ministério da Defesa
Exmo. Ministro Celso Amorim

Secretaria Especial de Direitos Humanos da PresidĂȘncia da RepĂșblica
Exma. Ministra Sra. Maria do RosĂĄrio Nunes
Fax: (61) 2025.9617

Governador do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Sr. Luiz Fernando PezĂŁo
Fax.: (21) 2334-3559

Vice-Governador do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Chefe de Gabinete SĂ©rgio Poubel

SecretĂĄrio de Segurança PĂșblica do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Sr. José Mariano Beltrani

SecretĂĄrio de Estado AssistĂȘncia Social e Direitos Humanos
JoĂŁo Carlos Mariano Santana Costa

Subsecretårio de Defesa e Promoção dos Direitos Humanos
Sr. Rafael Viola

MinistĂ©rio PĂșblico do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Nilson Bruno Filho

Conselho Estadual de direitos Humanos do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Copy

With Copies to:


Author unknown – A message from the desk of the truly puzzled and disheartened. Aren’t humans amazing animals? They kill wildlife – birds, deer, bobcats, lynx, mountain lions, coyotes, beavers, skunks, foxes, kangaroos, dingoes, etc – by the millions, in order to protect their farm animals and their feed. Then they kill their farm animals by the billions and eat them. This in turn kills humans by the millions because eating all those animals leads to degenerative and fatal heart conditions like heart disease and cancer. Then, humans torture and kill millions more animals to look for cures for these diseases. Elsewhere, millions of other humans are being killed by hunger and malnutrition because the food they eat, which is rich in protein, calcium, and minerals, and is cheaper and easier to produce, is being used to fatten farm animals. Meanwhile, once a year, the same humans take the time to send out cards praying for “Peace on Earth”. #govegan



30 June 2014

Preventative drugs—such as cholesterol-lowering statins—may be doing more harm than good, and people could be better off not taking them, a major new study of seriously-ill patients has found.

A group of patients with end-stage cancer and other terminal diseases saw an overall improvement in the quality of their lives when they were taken off statins. Not only did none of the patients die as a result, they all lived slightly longer than others who kept taking the drugs.

There are many situations when preventative medicine is doing more harm than good, especially in patients reaching the end of their life, says researcher Jean Kutner from the University of Colorado.

Other preventative drugs whose use may need re-examining include those for osteoporosis, blood clots, high blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes.

In the study, researchers tracked how half the 381 terminally-ill patients fared when they stopped taking statins. Aside from reporting an improved quality of life, the non-statin group lived an average of 229 days compared to an average of 190 days in the statin group.

(Source: Proceedings of the American Society for Clinical Oncology annual meeting)

I had to have an electrician visit this private rental place I’m in,  my power keeps cutting out completely!!

During this visit of close to an hour I was asked if when I’m finished using the electric item (TV, washing machine, etc), do I pull the plug out of the wall or just switch the power to off? I told him that I do both and often leave plugs in but switched off. The electrician shook his head and told me I MUST pull out plugs when not in use, as when you switch off but leave the plug in only one pin (of the 3) is no longer live, which means the other two ARE still live!! This is both dangerous (could cause a fire) and is still using your electricity, so remember… plugs out!!

I think my complaint explains exactly why I am so angry! 😡

“On the 17th May 2014 before I moved in I had ordered 3 plastic recycling boxes ref no: xxxxxxxx. I have phoned Bexley Recycling UMPTEEN times to find out WHEN I will actually get said containers, this last time I’m obviously fuming and to add insult to injury the woman (I won”t call her a ‘lady’!!) who answered my call (‘customer services’) was short with me to begin with! She continued to make excuses which of course angered me more, she then slammed the phone down on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt you will side with this horrible person who answered my call just now (1pm ish)?!! Yet I was led to believe that Bexley Council were the greenest Borough in London, surely that’s a JOKE??”

Many people in the West (UK, US, etc) seem to be sucked in by their government and mainstream media, believing that Vladimir Putin must be a nasty boogie man. Luckily there are those of us who get a more balanced view of what’s going on in Ukraine, instead of listening to the warmongering UK Tory MP William Hague…

“In recent days Russia has deliberately pushed Ukraine to the brink, and created a still greater risk of violent confrontation.

“We call on Russia to stop these actions and to condemn the lawless acts in eastern Ukraine.

“Russia must choose whether it is open to diplomacy and de-escalation, and if it decides otherwise, we must be ready for a different state of relations with Russia in the next 10 years than in the last 20.

“Ukraine can be a bridge between East and West and be able to have good relations with Russia.

“But that does not entitle Russia to send in its armed groups, thinly disguised, to spearhead the occupation of buildings in multiple Ukrainian cities, to try permanently to destabilise the country and dictate the terms of its constitution.

“My message to Moscow is that if anyone thinks they can do these things without serious long-term consequences they are making a grave miscalculation.”

and also listening to the warmonger John Kerry…

“If Russia does not choose to de-escalate and work directly with the government of the Ukraine then our partners will have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate Russia politically, diplomatically and economically.”

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk (R), U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (C) and Ukraine's acting President Oleksander Turchinov join hands during their meeting in Kiev

Don’t people remember that the government who are now in power in Ukraine are there illegally?? I still have imprinted in my mind the neo-Nazi fascists who over threw the legal Ukrainian government headed by Viktor Yanukovich (completely supported by the West).

Each time I hear the US and UK governments rant about how “terrible” Putin and Russia are, and licked the arses of the West-sponsored Ukraine junta ‘government’, yet they expect us to listen to their warmongering propaganda even though they are TOTAL hypocrites… after all there’s the ILLEGAL Iraq war “Saddam has WMDs”, also Afghanistan, Libya, drones in the Yemen & Pakistan and probably elsewhere too, not forgetting Vietnam and Guantanamo Bay. Just look at the atrocities that Netanyahu’s government and other Israeli Zionists are perpetuating against the Palestinian people, with the blessing of the West too!

The UK have imprisoned Julian Assange (Wikileaks) in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy for almost 2 years so far and they make no moves to get Babar Ahmed  released back here from the dreadful Guantanamo Bay The US have imprisoned Chelsea Manning and they are also after Edward Snowden. Vladimir Putin is luckily providing Edward Snowden with protection there. I believe the West is jealous of Vladimir Putin, so they want to take him down a peg or two… well I wouldn’t hold my breath there!

Since when do our governments in the West listen to what the truth actually is, rather than the usual saber-rattling rubbish they continue with?!! *sigh*




Non-violent Pro-life Drug-free Abolitionist Vegan, who cares about the Earth & ALL who live here. All drugs should be legalised & be viewed for what they are... drugs, including alcohol, tobacco & pharmaceuticals. I'm also Atheist & will never accept organised religion.

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